Though I have coached and mentored several business owners to succeed, I realized that I was burning out as I could not reach all the people that desired the opportunity to be personally mentored by me. Out of frustration for the inability to share my passion for helping people, my team and I strategized on the best way to expand from the small group we currently had to reach many more entrepreneurs.

As a result, the Start-Up Doctor was launched as a platform to provide insight for small business owners and start-ups on how to run their businesses profitably and grow it to its full potential.

Across Start-Up Doctor social media and blog platforms, I will share business lessons with you through short posts, blog posts, podcasts and insightful quotes.

We will also launch live training that will help you scale your business from zero to hero using the proven principles of success I used to grow my business from a five-digit income earner at year-end to an eight-figure earner. Click here to sign up.

Here is my weekly publishing plan on all social platforms.

Monday – Start-Up Talk

Tuesday – Business Trends

Wednesday – Start-Up Answers

Thursday -Business Quotes

Friday – Inspiring Entrepreneur

Saturday – MunaXperince

Sunday – Dear Diary with the Start-up Doctor in Businessday

In addition to this, once a week, I will host a live training where you can participate and ask questions.

The Startup Doctor Dear Diary column on Businessday will also be published weekly on Sundays. This interactive business column allows you to write in and get free advise from CEOs across several industries.