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with our 90 Days Accountability Challenge.

Gain Clarity, Insight & Support to Smash Your Big Goals 

Do you experience any of these problems?

You are not alone; but here is something you need to know….

Most people fail to achieve their goals, not for lack of inner capacity but because they have mindsets that kept them down despite how hard they tried, failed to set their goals properly, poorly prioritized their activities, procrastinated important tasks, got distracted by the noise in their environment and allowed temporary setbacks to keep them down.

Incidentally, we all came into this world with the tendencies for these flaws and anybody who reaches his/her goal consistently has gained mastery over them. I know how reaching your goals matter to you, your family and your future. But without taking care of these flaws, you will still set big goals, fast and pray fervently, make confessions of faith; but remain on the same spot.

Know this for a fact because I used to be like you. I used to be that person with so many task in front of me; without knowing what to do first. I used to push what I should do now for a ‘better time’ until it became too late. I used to be emotionally traumatized because of setback in my relationship. Just like you, I used to leave the task before me to ‘just check my WhatsApp status’ until 2 hours is gone scrolling aimlessly on social media.


My transition to a more productive me didn’t happen magically. I took many steps and used many methods while trying to deal with weaknesses like procrastination, waiting for perfect time and the likes. Not all those things worked; but some did. As I look back, I distilled what really worked to help those who want to are in my situation.

THE THING is… you can set the biggest goals of your life, write boldly on your wall, confess them daily, commit them to your subconscious or even sow seeds to get them, but if you don’t know the right steps to course of action to your goal, have the capacity to stay put in the pursuit of your goal they will never become reality.

To help you avoid waste of time, doing just anything without getting much result with your life, we created....

90 Days Accountability Challenge is a members-only community with the mission of empowering members of the community with insight, coaching and support to smash their biggest and scariest goals.

Over 90 days, you'll experience FOUR transformations...

☀️Clarity on your goals with a rock solid strategy, broken into timed action plans to enable you reach your goal.

☀️ Understand the principles, tricks and hacks to smash your Goals

☀️ Enjoy the Robust support of the Accountability Queen and her team of Peak Performance Coaches to help you reach your weekly, monthly and 90 days goals.

☀️Form habits that will help you to always make your goal reality within the shortest period of time.


The next challenge starts on:

Sunday, November 1

If you join right now, you’ll get a head start to prepare your mind and determine the biggest goal you want to pursue and smash within the next 90 days. This will ensure you have the best experience and results during the challenge.

90Days Accountability Challenge Bundle

Limiting Beliefs Bulldozer

Many people have the capacity to achieve their big goals but they have mindsets that keep them down from reaching their goals. In this masterclass, you will learn how to identify such limiting mindset and tear down limiting beliefs so that you can see and give expression to the capacity resident in you and reach your biggest and scariest goals. This comes with a workbook that helps you review your life, indeed limiting belief and eliminating them.

Priority Fix Method

In the pursuit of your goals, there are so many activities that are involved but some must come first while others come last. Many people waste time, resources and energy due to their failure to determine the first course of action to take toward their goals. In this masterclass, you will learn how to set your priority right in the midst of many activities to enable you finish what really counts first.

Conquering Procrastination

Goals are destinations you are working toward within a specific time frame. But many people never realize their goal within the time frame due to procrastination. In this masterclass, you will learn how to conquer the compulsion to shift the right and timely action into the future and start taking action that matters today.

Distraction Proof Blueprint

My proven system for eliminating distractions in your environment so that you can give your attention to what really matters.

5-Point Daily Productivity Boost

Many people don’t achieve their big goals because they don’t understand the power of small, incremental steps. They while away time, waiting for one day to do magic and get shocked when the deadline for their goals approach with nothing to show for it. In this masterclass, I will share my time tested tips and tricks for getting more done in one day than you may have done.

Getting Your Energy Back After a Setback

It’s not all the time that things work out the way we planned them to be. Failure happens and disappointments can lead to setbacks. Many people remain on a spot because they fail to manage setbacks. In this masterclass, you will learn how to get your energy back after a setback, failure of disappointment and avoid being disoriented as a result.

Immunity to Negative Energy

Negative energy is real and you can’t control many of those who emit such energies in your environment. If you fail to handle it well, you waste your energy and get distracted from your goals. In this masterclass, you will learn how to shield yourself from negative energy.

Emotional Muscles to Handle Rejections

There is power in asking and you can hardly get any result in life without asking. But it’s not all the time you ask that you get. In fact, many people get so many rejections that they give up on their goals. In this masterclass, you will learn how to develop the emotional stamina to handle rejections without losing your drive.

Getting Result When Time is Not on Your Side

Proper planning for goal attainment is making adequate time for the attainment of any goals you set. However, there are many times where event put on in situations where we have less time than required. Learn how to get result when time is not on your side.

One-Thing Staying System

Proven system for staying on what really matters in the midst of many good and arrive things calling for your attention.

Getting Results Faster with People

Working with people is one way to get results faster within a short time. However, there are times that working with people leads to waste of time and resources. In this masterclass, you will learn how to work with people effectively to get results.

The Magic of Your Most Productive Time

People work at different times of the day; but not with the same level of productivity. If only you can identify your most productive time to work, you will double your output, get more results faster and have enough time for rest. Learn the magic of your most productive time and how to discover yours.

90 Days Exclusive Challenge Members-Only Community

Become part of the exclusive members-only Accountability Community where you can share your daily missions and progress with other members.  This is the perfect place to retreat to if you’re looking for a supportive group of like-minded people who are on the same journey of living a more productive life! The community stays open for the duration of the challenge.

Productivity Workbook

This guide contains everything you need to create your daily routines that will lead to your big goal. It removes the guessing game when it comes to determining the right course of action to take to attain your goals. With the workbook, You’ll know what to do, when to do it and just how much you need to spend on it too!


I wrote a book for kids but never advertised it. I wanted a great sales page. I was working on the 'right marketing strategy.' Infact I wanted perfection in everything. 😳. I had a clarity call with Muna and she asked me to stop procrastinating and 'just do it.' Who says I can only sell with a perfect sales page? 😳. I obeyed and I'm so glad I did. I immediately created a paystack payment page. Guess what? A parent ordered for 4 copies within 24 hours. And in about 3 weeks, almost 250 copies have been sold. Thank you Muna for the push. That was all I needed. Thank you.
Nkiru Uzoh
Writer. HR consultant. Relationship coach.
When she mentioned this challenge, I jumped at it. There were 3 main things I wanted to achieve: Deal with procrastination; Move forward an Educational Project I was working on; and Become more active. I'm happy and proud to report that I've made progress on the above. * I've completed a few things I've had pending for a while (one, since 2018!); *I've almost concluded the groundwork for the Educational Project I mentioned above and *I've been a bit more active than before (though I'm yet to fully commence my exercise regime).
Educational Development Expert

90 Days Productivity Challenge Value Pack